About Us

At Aquapaw, LLC, we believe that pet bathing is harder than it has to be and we’re on a mission to reduce the time and stress involved in keeping your pet and home clean.  Our first product, The Aquapaw Bathing Tool, is based around and entirely new bathing system that combines your water sprayer and rubber scrubber into an intuitive bathing glove.  It was founded in San Jose, CA by Daniel Lentz, an Industrial Designer and pet lover.


       The development of the Aquapaw started when Daniel Lentz, while studying Industrial Design at Virginia Tech in 2005, had the idea that a bathing tool that strapped to the hand and dispensed water in a very controlled manner could really improve how pets are bathed.  He devoted part of his semester to designing a concept but at the time didn't have the know-how to actually develop the product.  The idea sat in his product design portfolio for years.  

     After working for a few years designing kitchen tools and gadgets, he had the idea that a push-push mechanism could make actuation of the flow of water possible with one hand.  At this point in his career he had designed a few kitchen tools but still didn't have the expertise to actually develop a mechanism.  Again, it sat in his portfolio.  

       It wasn't until 2015, after he had developed dozens of products for a number of prestigious brands (and had a little extra income to devote to the project!), that he decided to give a serious effort to developing a real product.

       After many late nights and early mornings tweaking 3D models, printing and assembling prototype mechanisms, and casting rubber gloves on the back porch of his small San Jose, CA apartment, he felt like he had a viable product that could be produced.  

    Daniel knew he couldn't do it alone so he contacted Tom Zipprian, a friend from college, to help get the product ready to go to manufacturing.  In November 2015, they kicked off a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising 42K.  Ever since then, they have received incredible coverage online and have produced thousands of Aquapaws.  The very first were delivered in August, 2017.