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The Gentlest and Easiest Way to Bathe your Pet.

Introducing the Aquapaw® Pet Bathing Tool - the world’s first wearable combination sprayer-scrubber that can be turned on and off with the press of a button. The slim and flexible design allows you to comfort your dog with both hands while you bathe them like you're petting them. This unique style of bathing reduces spraying water, speeds up bath time, and helps to lessen stress for your anxious pup. Take back control over bath time with the Aquapaw® Pet Bathing Tool.

Aquapaw - Pet Bathing Tool

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Innovative Click-On, Click- Off

Bathe like you're Petting your Pup

It's Quiet

Many sprayers are loud and un-settling for pets. With Aquapaw, the noise is kept to a minimum, so the only noise you will hear is all that dirt headed toward the drain.

Adapters Included

Aquapaw sprayer adapter

Many sprayers are loud and unsettling for pets. With Aquapaw, the noise is kept to a minimum, so the your pup will stay calm.


Bathing Pet using Aquapaw pet cleaning brush

The Aquapaw speeds up bath time and allows you to turn the flow of water on and off instantly with one hand so you're never letting water spray when you don't need it.